27783142_2038621316423892_1154691476_nThey see  #NoColors. Established in Colorado Springs ColorBlind is always on the rise to new heights. From Colorado to New Mexico there is no limit to were this group can go. Their shows are equipped with lots of love and energy and their fanbase loves them. ColorBlind consists of O.E., RichardrayY and Rozin Barz 3 very talented and versatile artist with enough passion between them all. They definitely love music. With a nonstop work ethic a new video called ‘Build A Legacy‘ has also been released an can be viewed via YouTube. If ColorBlind is ever in your city do not miss a great show!


About OE: “O.E” started rapping end of 2014 into the beginning of 2015. Helped Form the record label Red Fella Empire Records and established a spot in the colorado hip hop scene as “O.E and Vile” along with his hypeman “Vile” with songs like “Low”, “Brighter Day”, and “Voices”  Mentors  that influenced me as well locally such as Seen Loc, Macadoe and PhatJ and my team Colorblind as well. O.E established Colorblind with RrichardrayY in 2016 with Vile before he left in 2017. Rozin Barz joined the last part of 2017.

What inspires OE: Creating and releasing to the public. There is nothing like performing a new song or dropping it on social media for everyone to enjoy!




About RrichardrayY: RrichardrayY is that basketball star turned marine turned hippie. I’ve been through a lot in life to get me to where I am now and the two people look up to most are my parents. Their story is truly amazing. They met in high school loved then broke up and found love again. My Dad was a rapper named “Rappin Richie” mom was a beautiful nerd lol at age 16 my dad was shot and doctor said he wouldn’t have kids first person he saw when he opened his eyes was my mother. 6 years later I was born. 6 years after me my only sibling my beautiful sister was born. My father and I always have vibed with music freestlying on long car rides and he introduced me to hip hop and my favorite legend LL COOL J. I was in band in jr high school and learned to read music and play drums. Did a lot in life , laker camp , Harlem globe trotter camp, military high school , marine corps , Afghanistan deployment , depression , ptsd , and now a peaceful hippie who preaches about his past to show any and everyone that no mater what your going through your meant to go through if your still going through it then it isn’t through with you. Embrace life and life for tomorrow always , the past can haunt you but only if you let it. Inspire others and use that as inspiration to inspire you and always always love one another we all need each other no matter the color

What inspires RrichardrayY: honestly life inspires me. I’ve been through a lot in life and one thing I’ve learned is that you have to use it as inspiration to live. “Everything happens for a reason” when you accept, “it is what it is” , “let the past be the past” because “only time will reveal” when you “let your actions speak louder than words” everything in “” are inked on my body for a reason

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About Rozin Barz: My name is Rozin (Ro-sen) Barz, I was born and raised out of Colorado Springs, Colorado and currently still reside here. I have been rapping overall for about 8 years or so. I started out freestyling and just never seemed to stop afterwards and that’s what lead me to where I’m at today. I was apart of a few different crews before joining Colorblind. One was O.N.E. and the other was Dogtag, both teaching me a lot about myself as an artist and the talent I truly have being one. My rap name was easy to come up with being the fact Rozin is my last name and Bars became a staple after my old crew (O.N.E) kept calling me that. With that being said, it’s given me something to live up to and no reason to slack off lyrically.

What inspires You: Inspiration for me comes from quite a few different places/people. Id say one of my biggest inspirations is my father. He has always been into music as well playing acoustic guitar. Always talks about being the “6th eagle” haha. He was always very compassionate about it and I felt mine kind of derived from that. Another source of inspiration for me is my team Colorblind. We always seem pick up whenever one of us slacks. Even from that alone, I don’t like slacking off so they keep me on my toes haha. Then last but not least would be a quote that I basically live by. It’s “A true artist isn’t one who is inspired, but one who inspires others”.


ColorBlind Interview

Who is ColorBlind:
ColorBlind is a movement, 3 solo artist who have come together to spread peace, unity, connect with others through music with deep meaning and of course have a good time doing it!

How did ColorBlind Start: ColorBlind was started with RrichardrayY, O.E and Vile collaborating on numerous songs and features and performing them before the “group” was established.

Musical Influences: Will Smith. Potluck, Snoop Dogg, LL COOL J , Eminem , 2pac, NAS , Joyner Lucas, Bob Marley, Dizzy Wright, Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Joyner Lucas, King Los, Ab-Soul, Lupe Fiasco

What is next for ColorBlind: Momentum is key! We are all working on music, videos, shows and so much more in 2018.