Ian Taylor-A Man with a Dream


He’s a stoner with a purpose and his dreams are bigger than Pikes Peak. Ian Taylor is a humble soul that loves his fans. His story is full of passion, sacrifice, sorrow and hope. Using his music to express his past, present and future, Ian is a breath of fresh air to the music world.

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About Ian Taylor: Ian Taylor Hoag was born in Blue Springs, MO on May 8th, 1997. From an early age, Ian showed a passion for music and writing. His mother, Kim, moved Ian and his two brothers, Alex and Cooper, to Colorado in 1999 to escape an abusive husband and father to her children. Ian’s dad was in and out of his life for much of his early childhood, and became an almost non-existent figure during Ian’s teenage years. Alex, Ian’s eldest brother, passed away at the age of nine from Proteus Syndrome.

Ian has lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado from the time he was 18 months old until present day. He began battling depression and anxiety at an early age. He gave into self harm and drug usage during his middle school years. During his 8th grade year, after the suicide of a friend from another school, Ian attempted to hang himself. Fortunately, he was unsuccessful. He kept his attempted suicide from all friends and family for years to come.

All wasn’t dark and stormy for a young Ian Taylor. His mom was an outstanding role model. From the very beginning, she gave Ian the freedom to pursue whatever passions he wanted. Whether it be Baseball, Marine Biology, Law, Wrestling, BasketBall, or Poetry, Ian had his mother’s full support. He dabbled in all of the listed subjects and many others growing up.

The only passion that stuck with him through all of his other fancies was music. He grew up listening to mom’s selection of Johnny Cash, Disturbed, Bob Marley, and Cher, as well as his brothers catalogue full of Eminem, 50 Cent, T.I., Linkin Park, and more. His first musical instrument was the recorder. His entire school was made to learn it in 3rd grade. In fourth grade, he learned the Cello. 5th, the Baritone and Trombone. 6th, Piano and Percussion. The pattern continued until Ian could fluently play 11 instruments. His favorite became the piano.

Ian entered High School as the new kid in class. He didn’t really have any friends, so he fell in with the stoners. Ian had avidly smoked cannabis since he was in 7th grade, so they were easy to befriend for him. He began listening to a lot of Punk Rock during this time. Blink 182, The Germs, Sum 41, and The Dead Kennedys were among his favorites.

Ian began writing his own vocals for music during his Sophomore Year of High School. It wasn’t until his Junior year that he found Hip Hop. He fell in love immediately. His group of friends at the time weren’t very supportive of his newfound passion, minus a select few, so Ian was hesitant to pursue it as a career. Then something both terrible and wonderful happened.

One of Ian’s best friend started dating a girl that Ian had felt something for since he met her. One night, the girl cheated on her boyfriend with Ian. After being confronted by his friend about it, Ian confessed. It was at this point that young Taylor’s life seemed shattered. He had lost all of his friends, and he had lost the girl that he had fallen in love with. He felt extreme guilt and sadness that he had hurt the ones he cared about so badly. At school, he had no one.However, if he could go back in time and change it, he has said he wouldn’t.

In the wake of all the drama and heartbreak, Ian put his all into writing and creating rap music. It was all he had. At school, he stopped paying attention to the teachers and started writing tracks. There was hardly a day that Ian didn’t have his headphones in. Thus, an artist was born.

Ian put out his first mixtape in 2014, titled The Rising. Since then, he has released four mixtapes on SoundCloud and Facebook. Recently, he began making the jump to iTunes, Spotify, and other well known streaming platforms. With over 80 songs in his other catalogue, Ian only has 2 singles on iTunes and Spotify currently, as well as several features and cyphers he took part in. He is in the works of recording his first official Studio album, Dusk to Dawn, which is set to drop sometime in May of 2018.

What Inspires You: My mom, my brother, my best friends, and myself. My mom built the Proteus syndrome foundation that found the cause and cure of my brothers illness that he passed away from. My brother constantly pushes me to do better, and is currently pursuing his dream of acting in Atlanta. My best friends, Brandon and Lucas, are the backbone of Ian Taylor Music. Without their constant support I’d have quit a long time ago.
What’s next: I plan on releasing my album in May. I’ve planted seeds for a small tour in the beginning of 2019. Several label requests have been sent to my inbox, but nothing that I’d consider since they all asked me to “Dumb it down”. I also have a show on March 3rd co headlining with Black Pegasus.

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