FoePound McGinnis- A Cool ass P

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His laid back and poetic style is what gives him the edge he has. Even his performances scream Hip Hop. If you’ve never heard the man you definitely need to give a listen to FoePound. His music speaks wonders and his story is amazing.

About FoePound McGinnis: FoePound started rapping at age 13 inspired by his friend Worko. Music was just a hobby before and his name was “4pound”. 4pound rapped about money, drugs, women and material things. Being in a different stage of his life at this time the artist decided to change his image because he felt the message he was portraying was not him. “That is not me, that is not what is in my heart”.  Slowly the artist began to write more  meaningful songs, and along the way he decided to change the “4” to “Foe”. the “foe” means enemy but in this case it means enemy of negativity. The “pound” remained because he felt he was the same person but a little more mature. “McGinnis” comes from the cartoon batman beyond. FoePound really liked batman the most as a kid. And FoePound Calls himself “A Cool Ass P” because most people who know him personally call him “P”.

Past Releases. “Late Night Outtie”  was released in august. The project was inspired by the perspective of an everyday person working a job and how you can go through a lot in a day. Late nights are often when we reflect on events that have recently happened. Two music videos came from this project “Late night Outtie” and “RUn dAT”. Late night outtie expresses how even during the struggle we can still find reasons to smile. RUn dAT expresses how supervisors treat employees bad and that a job title can’t save you from being touched. A thought is just an action trapped behind a wall until we decide to make it real.

“The Arrival of A Cool Ass P” is his next ep scheduled to release March 11, 2018 on spotify, itunes, and other digital outlets.  The Arrival of a Cool Ass P concentrates on love. Throughout the years P has felt challenged by life and has felt unwanted and not loved; left standing confused at times but finally coming to understand what is truly important. Love! Physical love, love for another person and most importantly love for yourself. In the end it’s best to remember that you are someone important and you deserve to be loved even if it’s only from yourself.

What Inspires You: Making music comes from feeling like I can’t fully express myself. Throughout  life I’ve opened up to many people only to be shut down. I feel I’m hardly ever understood. Music is a way for me to talk and share my thoughts and feelings

Musical Influences: Ludacris, Young Jeezy and Many Hip Hop and RNB Artists.

You can follow @acoolassp on all Social Media



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