Jay Daskreet: Walk the Line 3

Are you in the mood for some Real Hip Hop? Are you in the Mood to chill, lay back with some cool people and vibe out? How about this, are you in the mood to learn about a very down to earth man who speak life into his dreams. If your answers are yes to all of these questions you need to give a listen to Artist Jay Daskreet. Currently rocking Memphis TN Music scene this is an artist you should get familiar with.



Our latest review is on his latest project title Walk the Line 3. This album was released in Nov of 2017 and is definitely worth the listen. I did not skip a track listening to this project. Daskreet starts off smooth with sounds routing from soul and original hip hop. His influences shine in this project. This album is great for every occasion and mood. We even tested this theory out by playing the album at a family gathering. There were no complaints that Walk the Line was playing and the vibe stayed right.



Get to know this artist Jay Daskreet and follow him on all social media.




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