Adrian King:Me and You

Peace Love and Unity is all Adrian King is about and his latest single Me and You definitely displays these vibes. We were not disappointed with the release Me and You from the latest album Amazing. This song is simply Amazing and if you haven’t you should definitely download and stream on all Music Platforms. This song will take you back to a time you never thought you would return to. A place that feels like love with that special person.

Bio: Award winning artist Adrian King is a blessing to all ears. His smooth and lively sound is something we all can connect with.  Adrian King, is an international recording artist, who hails from the land that gave us Nikki Minaj, Trinidad & Tobago. King caught the music bug from a very young age, and like many successful musicians and artists, honed his skills from the platform of his local church. Adrian made it his business to become a rounded and versatile musician and took every opportunity to expose himself to various genres of the art form of music. One of his early memorial dines him along with his musical counterparts, In a band which was geared around the syncopated rhymes of the Caribbean, namely Calypso, Soca, Reggae,Dancehall – anything that would lend to making his audience sweat. In 1999 he immigrated to the US and later settled in Canada, and there formed roots and built up his network, creating various opportunities to collaborate with a diverse and eclectic community of artists in his new home. There he pinned songs such as #Thewaywelove, #Lovesheso and #Amazing, which incidentally can be purchased on ITunes and other music stores. He was fortunate to win an award for two of his recent recordings, which is also in rotation in a few stations in the Caribbean, North America and South Africa. “My music is about love, life and relationship. Nothing profound, just practical – it’s about the struggle, you know – it’s not about black or white or rich or poor, its really about connecting the dots to this puzzle in efforts to unveil the masterpiece the lies suspended as an unwoven tapestry”



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