J.Fields:No Recess

As soon as I hit play I felt like I was in Brooklyn or the Bronx listening music by the greats. From beat selection to story The album No Recess by J. Fields is a Hip Hop Underground Classic. True Passion is heard in this artists lyricism. Indy Artist Connects gives this album a 5 star recommendation. If you’re looking for a classic hip Hop feel with a lot of soul this album is it. You can find music by J. Fields on all major music platforms.


J. Fields Bio

Memphis based artist, J. Fields got his start in music during his teenage years playing saxophone in marching and concert band. In 2004, J. Fields attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and studied English: Creative Writing and received his Bachelor’s degree in 2008. Writing was always a passion for him since he was a young child. Writing short stories, plays, and poems as well as creating characters were always hobbies for him. By 2008, his two passions meshed together and J. Fields began to bring his writing and music together. He produced songs for many Memphis underground artists up until he decided in 2014 to produce and release his debut mixtape “Renaissance Man” online. It was the release of this project that started to open doors in Memphis’ underground music scene. In 2015, two singles “James Harden” and “Champion Sh*t” lead the way. J. Fields toured in different cities Atlanta, GA; St. Louis, MO; Jackson, MS and used the hashtags #SchoolTeacherGotFlow or #STGF. The link between J. Fields, the rapper, and J. Fields, the school teacher, was officially established. By June of 2017, J. Fields released his debut album “No Recess” which received high praise. Songs like “I Used to Be” and “In the Mood” proved to be the leading tracks from the project. By March 2018, only nine months following the release of “No Recess” J. Fields released a three-track EP entitled “Redemption” a personal account of J. Fields’ struggles with depression and anxiety.


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