At the age of 27 Ackurate has accomplished what most Hip Hop Artist have not and that is including Mainstream and Independent Artists. When you think about Hip Hop you think about a story. You think about the Artist bringing you into their world and expressing their vision with you. But, Artists in today’s music scene don’t have that gift and this is what makes Ackurate stand out among the rest.

The Righteous Soul, prod by Crisis is the latest release by Ackurate is a single from his upcoming project entitled “Audio Archer.” This Hip Hop ballad is a representation of what today’s music is whole heartedly missing. Ackurate brings to life the story of people facing hardships in their life and how they choose to cope with the what comes there way. He holds a liquor bottle in the video as the characters he is playing way to cope with life.

I feel this is a common occurrence in life. Everyone using something or someone to get through tough times in life. Ackurate has displayed this very well with his words and we appreciate you sharing your art with us.




Bio – Determined to create music that resonates deep within us all, solo Hip-Hop/Spoken Word artist Ackurate found the courage, strength and sheer-will to overcome depression. Born in the middle of ’91, growing up he found inspiration through the words of his influences like Mos Def, Elzhi, Pharoahe Monch & many others; Ackurate realized the best way for him to function was to find a way to inspire the people and help them through his words in the same honest, meaningful and memorable ways that he had once needed.


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