This Artist is no newcomer to the IAC website. In our last review on him we reviewed his album Walk the Line 3. This time he brings us his latest release Regaining My Weight. Have you heard it? I know you have. This is a classic Hip Hop Record. From the Production to the lyricism Jay Daskreet takes us through his journey as a Hip Hop Artist. He explains “I’m Regaining my weight back” We all know how time consuming being an Independent Artist is and with talent, consistency, and just hard work period Jay Daskreet has been named our Artist of the Month.


Photo Credit: Jakub Trunk 39755116_123225758619566_6614540211852410880_o.jpgJay Daskreet is blossoming in his career. Working on an album, traveling and

39441165_10217504788311236_1189333949579526144_nrecently just featured at Artistik Lounge among other festivals and local and out of state events. This Artist is up next in the game. Chicago born, Mississippi raised Hip-Hop artist Jay DaSkreet has deep roots in poetry and excels at storytelling. He exhibits the perfect blend of lyricism and down south bump!!





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