The Pollen Boyz “We Got That”

“We Got That” | The Pollen Boyz

By Joshua Blair

If you’re from the 508 & you’re asking yourself, “who got that?”, The Pollen Boyz got an answer for you. Repping Falls River, Massachusetts, The Pollen Boyz “We Got That” invite listeners to the east coast’s greenhouse effect and hip-hop scene.

Backed by heavy brass, dark strings, & hard-hitting drums, “We Got That” captures the group’s classic east coast lyricism, limitless rapping style, & their love & support for the recently legalized “sticky icky”. The Pollen Boyz upholds their advocacy for cannabis just as well as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Cypress Hill, & Method Man & Redman.

The song is featured on their fifteen-track project titled, “The Last Hustle F1”. So, if got five minutes and thirty-one seconds and some grass to spare, support The Pollen Boyz in putting New England on the map. “We Got That” can be streamed on all major streaming platforms; you can also check out the video on The Pollen Boyz YouTube channel.

And remember, if you’re ever in Grassachusetts (Massachusetts) and you ask yourself, “who got that?”, The Pollen Boyz got you covered.


Bio:The Pollen Boyz are representing Fall River, Massachusetts! It’s clear that the west coast is NOT the only coast that loves hip hop and ganja! Peep this East Coast track rolled up weed vibes, 808’s thumping, splashed with some of the dopest lyricism on these new age hip hop beats. Who else lives up to that reputation? Put New England on the map with this one! Don’t miss out on the last verse on “We Got That” Official Music Video!


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