Aspiring to break his way into a new era of music, Multi-genre Artist Fayro is a striving artist from Memphis, TN with a mission to inspire positive change in the world. Fayro speaks life through his lyrics, and each song holds a message of meaning and positivity. He is known for his astounding stage presence and unique sound.  This artist is soon to be a standing legend in the world of not only Hip Hop but music as  a whole.

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From Hip Hop to Rock to Reggae FAYRO does it all. Since 2010 he has worked to push limits in the music scene and has been successful in doing so. His first official Mixtape was released in 2015 called RISE and since then he has followed up with 3 Mixtapes, 3 albums, a EP and much more music is to be expected from the hardworking Rising Success.



2018 has been a very busy and exciting year for the Artist. He was selected as Dope On Arrivals first Invitational winner as well as selected to be a Draft pick in the DOA draft. While earning his place as a Top performer, lyricist and versatile entity, Fayro also works efficiently to bring forth positivity and uniqueness in his art.


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In 2017 FAYRO was Nominated for many awards at the Southwest Indy Artist Awards and took home Best Music Video. A video that he directed for his hit song Roots from the album Memphis.

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Though he recently released the R&B album Booby Grabs and Booty Rubs; Currently FAYRO is working on diligently to complete projects that will be released in 2019 and 2020. The next project to be released is Vampires and Werewolves the first official Rock release. The Live show will be 10/26 at Rock House Live. The artist will be appearing on Radio Memphis to discuss details about the upcoming release. FAYRO will also be a guest on Local Legends in Memphis TN. The date is TBA.

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