Suzann Christine: FLY

GMX_5390 copy (1).jpg

Unity is the first thought once the instrumental starts to play, a togetherness vibe. However, the vocals catch your attention right off as well. This type of feeling is very unique, optimistic, and vibrant. Several blunt messages are presented and it’s evident what’s important.

Historic greatness is what we need to get back to and live up to who we really are and stay there. The hook is very catchy and the verses are like knowledge to our people in need of it. Indeed something imperative that we must not ignore. The poison in music, strong families, fatherhood, and respect are spoken of in this righteous musical journey. On the contrary, the production is “Right On” and you can feel the intensity! The melody works perfect with the harmony and creates a masterpiece! Definitely an artist and producer worth looking in to or networking with. But still, the theme is simple and plain… “FLY”! We should all want to see each other fly because that’s prosperous, that’s hope and that’s unity as a people! What’s better than a brilliant message thru a historical song? Press Play, take a listen and be inspired to do great things!




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