Archangel:Artist of the Month

He is the missing link between Old School and New Age Music. He is who has been sent from heaven to deliver us with the sweet sound of his music. He is none other than Archangel. Archangel from Memphis, TN is a Hip Hop Artist who has been making a lot of noise for quite some time. Memphians are loving the energy and with the release of his latest project Hallelujah Music we are predicting big things for the Artist.


Music was the real saving grace & savior for Tarrance where he said himself: “Music after 15 has been my escape from most pains in my life”. Hanging out with his childhood friend Christopher Forest aka K-le in his grandmother’s living room and recording music on a 4-track was where the magic happened and where it all started for Tarrance Brown. Music opened up new & exciting doors for Brown where he could spread his wings and become Archangel for all to see and hear. Archangel would become Tarrance’s new alter ego but more so it was his newfound image and presence that he would come to fully embody. Tarrance aka Archangel owes a lot to his former neighborhood colleague Jason Riddle “Chino” who is the one person that kept pushing Tarrance to do music in the first place. After “Chino” read one of his poems, he was on young Tarrance Brown like white on rice to attack the mic and spill some rhymes. Archangel took his advice and decided to give it a shot at the age of 15 but you’re already aware that Tarrance Brown grew up fast and focused so you have to know that it wasn’t going to be a sloppy approach by any means. Far from it as Tarrance would first listen to artists & labels like Rakim, 3-6 Mafia of Memphis, Indo G of Memphis, T- Rock and No Limit Records to get a better and more in depth understanding of the art of delivery. Archangel was finally ready to fly high at 15 where it would start at school and lead to a friend named Bledsoe taking him to a studio after class and the rest is history!

Download  Hallelujah M.U.S.I.C 

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