Michael Azai: Jiggy


Jiggy, by Michael Azai is as smooth and as futuristic as any old school music lover or new school music lover can want. Michael Azai combines his poetic and sensual lyrics with unique instrumentals.

The 25 year old Memphis, TN native began making heavy traction in his hometown during 2017 not only as a rapper/singer/songwriter but also as the CEO of TreeHouse Media Network (THMN) & the owner of TreeHouse Studios.

At an early age, Michael Azai began to discover he had a very defined gift in music. After learning to play the piano & violin as an adolescent, he branched out into adapting the craft of songwriting at the age of 14. Since then, Michael Azai has spent countless hours dedicating himself to perfecting his craft. With the ability to approach his art in a manner much different than most artists, Michael Azai attaches himself to the concept & idea of creating art opposed to just making songs.


“The ability to express yourself through distinction of your voice allows people the opportunity to develop not only familiarity with your music but also a relationship with you whether you ever meet in person or not.”

As a fan of 90’s & conscious Hip-Hop, Old-School Soul, R&B, Ambient & Contemporary Gospel music, Michael Azai’s sound is described as a fine tuned mixture of the genres he’s spent countless hours studying.

Through his music, Michael Azai extends the opportunity to his listeners & supporters to embark on a journey to experience a new wave with him.




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