Joe Trilogy: Doin’ Me

Joe Trilogy Doin’ Me is now available on SPotify! Stream his latest single and follow @JoeTrilogy!

Coming from Bayonne, NJ is new up and coming artist Joe Trilogy, also known as, Joseph Trillo. Starting off writing music at the age of 12, Trillo used music as therapy, as he grew up in a poverty stricken home and it was a great way for him to escape his reality. “Yes growing up in Jersey was tough man, but I’ve maintained, music is in my heart and I know it is either this or nothing else, Trillo explains.

Coming from Jersey, he was a big fan of Redman and loved how he represented New Jersey. Being one of the biggest stars in rap, Trillo loved the legacy that Redman has built. While Jersey has also bred many emcees such as Joe Budden, Fetty Wap and more, it’s new stars on the rise. Trillo explains “There is a lot of new talent on the rise, but I feel I’m destined to shine for sure, he continues “With my versatility and drive, it going to be over, and I’m willing to invest in myself”. He even loved how Redman and Joe Budden showed that you can make it from the same state as well. To add to that, he also loves music from The Lox, Jay Z and Fabolous.

Right now he has his new project out titled “The King” and his next mixtape “No Excuses” will be released soon. Trillo believes that each individual artist has their own story to tell. ‘It’s the things like this that makes music great he explains and you just have to find your lane, he says.”

As of right now, Joseph Trillo is an independent artist and has his own label Ha Ha Music Group and is best known for his affiliation with BucketHouse Records. Right now the goal is to create a music empire but it starts with him becoming a brand first. Ha Ha Music group is the movement and yes, I want to create a legacy. Yes I have to establish myself first as an indie artist and once the brand gets built, it’s on and poppin, he explains.”

The music is getting great feedback with “The King” out now, people are going crazy and with this momentum, he plans to follow up with more hit records and visuals. Whether if he wants to stay indie or go major, that is still to be determined, but one thing for sure he is on the rise to stardom.

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