Coolie In the Cut:The 9 to 5 tape

Coolie In the Cut:The 9 to 5 tape by Huey T Pugh
The 9 to 5 Tape is grown man rap. This Album is one you can listen to on road trips and with the older subject matter possibly play inside your establishment. Coolie’s flow is slow and intentionally with a melancholy delivery presented over a mix of lo-fi/trap tracks. The combination makes for quite a listen. I urge my older Hip-Hop fans to check out The 9 to 5 Tape. Listen from start to finish then play “Let U Down” on repeat. Good vibes. Perfect roadie music even better smoking music. Please add it to your rotation
From Memphis, TN, Coolie In The Cut is an artist who is looking to set himself apart from the typical sound from his city. Using lyrical prowess and what he describes as his “crossover flow” over usually soothing instrumentals, he is looking to make a huge impact on the way music is typically being presented. Using double entendre’s like Jay-Z or witty word play and change of flow patterns like Kendrick Lamar, he puts his own unique Memphis blend on his music that will have you hooked.
Despite the very positive feedback, he says he is not content with just fan fare, He is looking forward to proving he belongs with those he considers “Elite” artists. He has even quit his 9 to 5 job to chase his dream of becoming a all time legend.
9 to 5 tape front cover copy
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