Dungeonz & Dragonz is the 4th Instrumental release from Music Producer Cymphani Cyrine. This Body of work is for Music Lovers of all tastes of music. Primarily the project focuses around a Hip Hop structure with influences of Rock and Roll and Dubstep Music. Cymphani, credits Jimi Hendrix, Timbaland and  Pharrell for their heavy influences on this project.
Outside of Dungeonz and Dragonz, Cymphani has produced 4 Instrumental Albums, 1 compilation album and many songs for Independent Artists in the Music Industry. Her music can be found on all music platforms and also on projects by Fayro and Moe Javi.
Many more projects are to come from this rising producer. Follow @CymphaniMusic to keep up with what’s next.
Listen to Dungeonz and Dragonz
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2RZmmBn