Kiña del Mar: Indigo Island

me 2Kiña del Mar : Indigo Island

Indigo Island is a colorful and creative collection of songs that takes you back
to some of the best eras of American music. With elements of soul, hip-hop, R&B, and pop, this is an album the entire family can enjoy. Don’t waste another moment not
listening to this work of art! (Indigo Island is available on all music streaming sites.)

About: Kiña del Mar
Both modern and timeless, the music of Kiña del Mar draws upon the diverse musical
traditions of her hometown, Memphis, TN, while enveloping a host of other
artistic influences.  Her sound has been compared to that of Prince, Sade, Michael
Jackson, and Lauryn Hill. Indeed, elements of each of these legendary artists are
present in the music of Kiña del Mar, but she never seeks to imitate.  The end result is
an ambitious array of music that establishes Kiña del Mar as a refreshing addition to the
musical landscape.

Website & Social Media:
Instagram: @kinadelmar
Twitter: @kinadelmar

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