Elimence:Sleep Gallery

Sleep Gallery is the latest release from Brooklyn Native Elimence. The Project is now availabe on all Music Platforms for your enjoyment. We give this release 5 Stars as we did not skip a track while listening.

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island. Brian Anthony, creatively known as eLiMenCe, creates a unique, but familiar, rap sound that any hip hop fan would appreciate. His style is minimal and he has been known to provide the essentials – the meat and potatoes of hip hop. Though minimal, there are layers to his creativity and a good ear can catch how dense his music is.

eLiMenCe creates an atmosphere that calls for fans attention to detail. His beat production and meticulous rhyme skills showcases a level of talent that is second to none. Always a student, eLiMenCe uses his studies in English Literature to his advantage and incorporates literary elements and figurative language in his lyrics. Deeply rooted in traditional hip hop, eLiMenCe uses his MPC and old vinyl records to create his hard-hitting, lofi, boombap sound.


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