Jaeti:Center of the Looniverse

Center of the Looniverse is the follow-up album to Timekeeper, and it plays on themes related to the insanity of being a modern independent recording artists all while balancing a “regular” life as a black man in America.

Jaeti was born in St. Louis, MO in 1978 and raised as part of a large internal and extended family in Edgmont, East St. Louis, IL. Jaeti left home at 16 for college, to become an engineer, coming to live at Stevenson Tower South at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL where he was dubbed by residents because of his late night escapades, and tall, dark, slim stature.
He was brought up in a Christian household, and descends from generations of pastors, yet as a listener and lifetime learner he has spent years of study with Jews, Muslims, Hebrew Israelites, and 5 Percenters. He also spend several years volunteering in correctional facilities.  As a child, he loved many things: BMX, skateboarding, Hip Hop (emceeing, writing, djing, and breaking), and other live music, including: reggae, jazz, soul, blues, classical, R&B, and gospel. In 2008 he founded and registered the real estate company, “The Upper Room”, and in 2015 founded and registered “United Artist Management”. Jaeti continues to record and produce music, manage real estate property, provide financial services to artists and small business owners, and sit on the board of two non-profit organizations.

His most current musical release, TIMEKEEPER, has generated an international underground cult following, and has been described by Jaeti as a, “bridge between the origins of Hip Hop and the now.”



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