Mystha Klutch Buwtye:Mystha Buwtye

Listen to the debut single by Mystha Klutch Buwtye available now on all music platforms!

Mystha Klutch BuwTye is anAmerican Singer and Songwriter born in Memphis TN on January 12, 1985. Raised in Columbia South Carolina she quickly learned that hard work was the answer and that if anything was go- ing to get accomplished, work would have to be put in. As child singing in church was a fear but the more she had to sing in church it grew to be quite a passion, having being bullied for being so small music would be a crutch that would grow and strengthen “Mystha”

With great talent “Mystha Klutch BuwTye” was in uenced to pursue music by friends, mentors and even teachers to nd the voice that would get her noticed.


“Mystha Klutch BuwTye” auditioned for the US Army Soldier show and claimed a spot. For a year she traveled singing, dancing and building a fan base.

Like any artist today the work is still being built. “Mystha Klutch BuwTye” continues to build her career by doing shows, traveling and meeting new people in the industry to build her career.

All music and social media can be found under the name Mystha Klutch BuwTye. Follow and keep up with the rest of the journey.

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