Dreamfest Weekend 8

CLE Events just set the standard for every event of 2019. Over 80 artist were brought together to peacefully unite and perform for 3 days straight in Memphis TN and it definitely was a dream come true for every artist who perform. 49897951_10218724201675808_4297793749552988160_o.jpgDay1: The Concert

Day 1 of Dreamfest 13 headlining acts took the dreamfest stage and every performer was epic. Every artist brought a different feel of music to the stage and positive energy was felt throughout the venue. Packed wall to wall, The crowd interacted with every artist and there was never a dull moment especially with such an entertaining Host PA Bomani, DJ X and a talented well rounded band. This concert brought a rush of motivation to all of those involved. The night was started with the powerful poetry of Cashmere and Poetic and Sun and followed by electrifying performances by Artists such as J.Fields, FAYRO, St.Courts, Dee Jizzle, KenKen, Mike Hicks and many more. The night was topped off with t a performance by the President of Driven himself Tyke T and Twuan G. This night proved that Memphis Musicians can be great together.


Day2: Covers and Conversations

To recuperate from the Friday Night Turn up, Dreamfest held an intimate event with deep conversation, soulful music and poetry. Another packed event. Special guests Candice Marie Benbow, Munirah Safiyah Jones and Very Smart Brothers brought insight on some very personal issues with the audience. The audience was able to chime in, ask questions and give opinions on the subject matters of the guests. Day 2 of Dreamfest allowed everyone who was interested to share their thoughts and be enlightened with the thought process of those around them. Learning that no matter what your upbringing we are all people who think differently but are people that have come together for a purpose. 50570699_10218744309338487_267740105089744896_n.jpg

Day 3: Memphis Cipher Series

Dreamfest Weekend ended with a Bang! 8 different Ciphers were put together by different producers in the city and performed by 30+ Artists. The room was packed, the energy was high the performances were like nothing you have seen before. The event was held at Artistik Lounge and this kicked off their year. Favorites like Harley Quinn, Trina Machelle, Jay Daskreet and others hit the stage with their cipher groups and some of the dopest producers of the city Slim Pro, LJ1S Productions, Cymphani Music Productions and others were able to produce music for the ciphers and as always the open cipher at Artistik Lounge kicked off the night.

901 Indy Underground was able to interview many artists. Be on the lookout for our recap video.

Dreamfest 8 was really an event for the books! If you missed out this is a movement you definitely need to follow. Put it on the calendar for next year!

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