The latest video by Twuan G, Tyke T and Jay Daskreet has black women all over loving the theme. The song is called She Was Black and it is such a beautiful representation of Real Black Love. Over the years Black Love and love for the Black Woman in general is not celebrated as often as it should be leaving women to feel less love for themselves and more live for superficial culture and ways. But I am very proud to say that this song and video brings self love back to the surface.


SheWasBlack ft Tyrone Stroble & James Cole Produced by Kenney Coleman

Visuals by C O Golden Directed by Antwuan Williams. This is a Short Film

What I loved most about the video is every woman was represented in their own sanctuary, every woman was treated with respect and every woman was held high like a queen. This mini movie held my attention for the entire time and there was not one vulgar instance in the production.

The beat prod by Dirtyfresh is catchy and a club hit for all ages and the content brought by each artist complimented it perfectly.

The song She was Black was recently released on all Music Platforms and the 3 artist that starred in the production can also be found on these streaming sites. Twuan G, Tyke T and Jay Daskreet.

Antwan Williams you are a visionary and we need more from minds like yours!

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