When you think about life changing music you think of a song that comes to mind during a time when the only thing that stood out to you was Music. For an Artist to be an assistant in creating a life long memory or even trigger a memory through their music is challenging in itself but JFields brought many emotions to the surface when I pressed play on IVAD. 25552306_733431730199777_3309640452120156202_n“#IVAD is my transparency on display… My self-realization and true reemergence into the world as J. Fields. All of the bad things and good things that have happened all play a part in my current walk” -J Fields


In Victory and defeat is a Testimony! This is a story of life unfolding of a man with a dream that is being chased. The ups, the downs, the people you feel are on your side but are against you. Everyone has a song they can relate to on this project. My personal favorites have to be FUC and I Shoulda. I personally could talk about this project all day but who wants to read about it when you could actually press play! I recommend IVAD for Hip Hop and Music lovers in general. And I’m very proud to display this work of art on the IACPlatform


If you’re feeling brave. I need you to follow JFields on all of your social media and follow this journey of Victory because he is very much so going to be making waves!