CertifiedMADE:Made Sounds Media

Submit Your Music to Made Sounds Media RIGHT NOW! https://madesoundsmedia.com/ 

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To sum it up take a look at what MADE Sounds does and how they help grow the Independent Music Community.

MADE Sounds Media is an entertainment broadcast network for Musicians, Artists, DJs, and Entertainers. Focusing on providing the audience with the best in entertainment content while providing independent entertainers a platform focused only on them.


Made Sounds Media plays independent music for artist around the world on a network of internet radio stations that play independent music. All the music that is submitted from artists is checked for quality before it is put into rotation. If the music is not ready for play (NRFP) we tell them why and give suggestions of what they can  do before re submitting their music.

Producers are able to place their music in rotation for them to advertise  their skills through music in what is called 2MOG (2 minutes of greatness)


Made Sounds embraces the use of technology to provide opportunities for radio DJs and show hosts to stream live from different cities to MSM radio stations. Hosts are able to help influence the local community to bring local artists music broadcast on the network and perform at shows across states. As the network continues to grow, we continue to provide more opportunities for everyone to grow!

For our music lovers feel free to Download the MADE Sounds Media App and check out our current shows and community.

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