July is a month of heat! And we are highlighting the hottest release of the summer by Jun10r aka Cadillac Jack who’s our July Artist of the Month.

Primogeniture is the state of being the firstborn child. As his name suggests, Jun10r wears this title as a badge of honor. From listening to Nas’ Illmatic over video games to walking through the house singing “Smile” by Scarface and Tupac to lessons about life and being a man, Jun10r has many fond memories of the relationship between him and his father. He stands as a disruptor to the negative stereotype held by Hip Hop culture, citing his father as his first best friend. Just as the success of a man is often measured by the success of his seed, the depth of an artist is measured by the expanse of his creation. By those measures, both Jun10r and his namesake have hit the nail on the head. Although he is an original member of Y.R Generation, Jun10r’s journey as a musician started long before the group’s inception in 2013. Around the age of 14, he was drawn to writing. His literary skills evolved into poetry, then expanded even more into songwriting. His songs began as braggadocious tales aimed to impress by lyrical prowess, soon replaced by raw events from his life. Citing Scarface, Tech N9ne, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson as major musical influences, the singer/ rapper now conveys tales true to his form for all to hear. This is a rare mission: being true to oneself in an industry that gives accolades to those with the most grandiose presentation. In full, this mission describes Jun10r. He is true. He seeks only to be that guy painting verbal pictures of real life experiences, in hopes that others will learn what he has learned. He’s a simple man, not afraid to be introspective. Set apart by this unashamed honesty, he moves forward with an overall goal of paying it forward. He sees himself providing for those he loves, just as his father before him. However, he won’t stop there. He seeks to influence mindsets and lives, helping those beyond his circle. As it stands, the prognosis is that one day Jun10r will be that ruler of rhymes some young person grooves to while playing video games of the future.




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