He hasn’t been on the Memphis Music scene long but he’s already leaving a lasting mark. Some hate him, Some love him but you can never call this artist trash at all. If you haven’t heard Black Migo D you’re missing out majorly. 53315477_254703048805169_3024891745121861632_o

He’s always on the move and he’s always on the grind. He puts his all into everything from performing to recording and even hustling his merch and this is why Black Migo D is Artist of the month.

His debut EP NO Other released this year and he also plans to release another project very soon. He also will be performing at the Award Winning DOA Pop up Show August 10 and I promise you, you don’t want to miss this performance.

You can catch Black Migo D all around the Memphis Area but don’t wait too long because with the talent of this Artist he just may be shipping out to the big leagues.

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