Artist of the Month: Fayro & Mike Hicks

fayro n mike hicks

They’ve already been deemed the modern day Outkast with the uplifting smooth flows from Fayro and the angelic yet powerful voice from Mike Hicks. They spent the summer of 2019 traveling and performing side by side and now are building a new wave of music together. Fayro & Mike Hicks are two Memphis artists from very different backgrounds who came together with a sound that is like no other. The duo met at Dreamfest 2019 and decided to perform a song together on the legendary stage. Not long after, they were collaborating  and now they are soon to be release their first album together titled Frequency 432 releasing in 2020 produced by Cymphani Cyrine and Fayro.

If you’re in search of something different this is the album for you and if you follow the two Artist separately and are a fan of their work then you aren’t shocked about the energy they form together with electrifying performances and and uplifting songs. Their single Made Up My Mind isn’t out yet but they have already made an huge impact live in many different cities and venues. 71339993_132425501445665_139413405772546048_o







Up Next the Duo will be performing at Art Unplugged on Dec 8 2019, Followed by an interview on Radio Memphis on Jan 8 2020!

2020 is full of surprises from this New Duo so you definitely do not want to miss any updates!

Follow the Frequency 432 (Hz432) movement on all social media @Hz4322020



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