Indie Artists run the underground in every city right now. Artist work hard every day to reach their dream and not all are given that golden ticket to the industry, however, there are some gems in Memphis with the Star Power the industry in this day and age are lacking. Stardom refers to the quality of Artist including not only music releases but stage presence, dedication, work ethic and humility. When it comes to Stardom, star power and quality these Top 10 Memphis Artist solidify what Passion for their craft is all about. In no particular order IAC Platform gives you our Top 10 Star Power picks.


Lady Bling. Memphis Artist Lady Bling, multiple winner on the FNL stage. Winner of Lil Boosie’s recent talent contest as well as viral sensation for her video Pity. Her hard work shines through brightly through everything she does, and her stage performance is impeccable. She is everything in a female artist today and we can’t wait to see where else her journey takes her.


Fayro. Multiple Nominations, collaborations with well known legends, he’s opened up for a number of well known acts and is known for putting on a show all on his own. Memphis Born Artist Fayro is a delight in this music scene. Many don’t know the amount of time and effort this artist puts in to his dream. Sleepless nights filled with recording, rehearsing and writing. There’s no doubt about this artist reaching the top.


Mike Hicks We live in a city where it’s easy to get stuck in the same circle. It’s even harder to break out of that circle and be seen by other crowds but this artist bridged the gap and showed us what being an entertainer is all about. This singer, writer, dancer and future star is a talent that lights up a room and his presence demands all attention.


Moe Javi As soon as he enters the building you can hear people around the room screaming “Mj Mj Mj Bitch” Memphis rising artist Moe Javi brings a level of energy to the stage and to this city that shakes the world. Host of many talked about events around the city, host of show 901 Indy Underground and all around down to earth Person and Artist. This artist is on the way and we are ready!


Tyke T Award Winning, Billboard Charting Artist Tyke T can be heard in some of your favorite TV shows across the screen and is on his way to stardom. This artist sets the stage on fire every time he performs and offers advice to any artist asking on their journey in this business. The humble artist is always willing to lend a hand even with his full plate of writing, recording and building his own dream. Tyke T is a legend soon to be crowned.


Ken Ken She’s fun, she’s charismatic and she can shake a stage. You never know what Ken Ken will bring to your event. She’s electric and unmatched when she hits the stage the energy is felt in every movement. We recently heard that Ken Ken is now teaching dance. Follow her on social media and join in!


J. Buck The first time I witnessed J Buck perform he was singing “Whip Appeal” by Baby Face. He had the crowd singing in choir sections and the audience surrendered to his star power. As a star you have to be able to bring that surrender effect where the crowd only sees you and hangs on your every intention. Not many artist have this affect and J Buck is definitely one to follow and keep up with!


Kendrick P He brings a level of smoothness to the scene that nobody else has. The young RnB Artist is loved by many and hated by many men since the ladies love Kendrick P Music. Whenever he hits the stage he leaves a mark; as he should with those thousands of Spotify plays. We know somebody is listening and it’s probably you that’s reading.


Angela Blair This female artist is a force to reckon with! We need more of her. Event Planners reading WE NEEED MORE ANGELA! The singer is beyond average and is on her way to sit with the greats. With the voice of an angel, the dance moves of a pop sensation and the heart of an angel. Ms Blair has what it takes to make it to the top. She is great. She is a star.


Prince DJae Singer, Actor, Writer and Educator Prince DJae captures us with his music and mini moves but when he hits the stage that’s a different level of captivation. This Memphis Artist leaves no room for error. He is polished. He is golden and he is the total package of an artist. Let’s all wish him great luck on his recent nomination at the Memphis Hip Hop Awards. Definitely well deserved.

Its not easy to find an artist that sparks your soul. Someone talented, relatable, reliable and humble. It’s all boils down to intention. What are your intentions on your path? Are you doing this for the love or for the money? Is this your dream or a hustle? Many artists can lose sight with so much backlash from peers, pretend supports and family that do not support but these artist never take their eyes off the goal. They keep fighting and they keep applying pressure with their work and that is what makes them Diamonds.
We couldn’t fit everyone in our list but here are a few more standout artist you should follow, get to know and book ASAP!
Honorable Mention
If you’re an artist in Memphis reading this that didn’t make the list. That doesn’t mean you are not a star! We all have areas in our journeys that we are strengthening. We all have crowds to rock that we haven’t yet rocked but our time is coming. Dedication, Hard work, Love and Sacrifice builds us as people all we have to do is have the courage to follow our paths.
Thank You for reading!