Going into this year 2020 is a big one for many so Indy Artist Connect thought we would hit our viewers and followers with some motivation. This weeks Spotlight Video, the last Spotlight video of 2019 comes from a very talented Memphis Artist by the name of Mydes. Female Emcees are coming hard for the culture and many are not recognized as they should be and this is why her latest single “Drawing Board” is so perfect to end out the year and begin something fresh. We are talking about a fresh start, new intentions, starting over and building that foundation that will motivate you to follow your dreams with a clear mindset. Mydes spoke volumes in this song! If you haven’t heard it click the link below and check it out. Also make sure you follow this artist at the links below. Thank You supporters!

Mydes is  a female rapper/battle rapper from Memphis, TN. She has performed at several showcases around Memphis such as Ironmouth Battle League, Support the Dream, D.O.A. and Girl Power Project. Mydes is known for making music that is realistic talking about highs and lows of getting to know yourself and everything else around you. Her goal is to paint a picture with words, so vividly that anyone can close their eyes and see it.