Artist of the Month 2019 Recap (Memphis Winners)

2019 was a year of growth for many artists in the Memphis scene. We have seen new artists come and go quickly but the hard working artists on the scene never seem to miss a beat. Indy Artist Connect watches for these artist and keep track of their growth and passion in their craft. Many times out the year there is always that stand out Artist who is preparing and pushing to the next level and those artist are the artist who always make our Artist of the Month featured spot. Though we had to skip a few months we were able to highlight 9 artists on their journey this year. All of these artist have constantly released quality music, traveled, performed consistently, and had amazing stand out singles and releases. These artist did not skip a beat and we had to recognize them for it. If this is your first time learning of Artist of the month go back and do a little research after this post. IAC Platform gives you “Memphis Winners” 2019 Artist of the Month Recap 57387296_10104154048171350_73291593976643584_n.jpg

Virghost: February Artist of the Month

Memphis Native Virghost came hard starting off the year with his release Good Intentions. Rapper, spoken word artist, and songwriter hailing from Memphis TN. 2013 K97FM (Memphis), Next Big Thing 5 Winner, 2014 Memphis Flyer Top Album, 2016 101.1 (Nashville), Shake the Gate Winner & 6x 2016 Nashville Industry Music Awards Nominee. This artist has been around and working and the music speaks for itself! Meet our February Artist of the Month Virghost.


Phokused: March Artist of the Month

This up and coming Artist from Memphis is taking the city by storm. If you don’t know him you’re definitely missing out. From his Music to his entertaining facebook Lives this RBM representer is making moves this year there’s no question about it. He took Memphis by storm with his release GOAT Like and is on track to soon release his next project.


Moe Javi: April Artist of the Month

He’s smooth like Michael Jackson shoes and a leading artist in the Memphis TN scene, not only does he have a lethal flow but the award winning Moe Javi is also the best host to hit the hip hop scene since the BET days. If you don’t know him you definitely should.


Jun10r: July Artist of the Month

We highlighted the hottest release of the summer by Jun10r aka Cadillac Jack Somthin’ Else who also snagged our July AOTM Spot. Jun10r is an aspiring Artist from Memphis who always comes with the bars. He’s a member of YR Generation as well as The Agency. His music and presence is greatly appreciated through the city. Be on the lookout for his upcoming release.


Black Migo D: August Artist of the Month

He hasn’t been on the Memphis Music scene long but he’s already leaving a lasting mark. Some hate him, Some love him but you can never call this artist trash at all. If you haven’t heard Black Migo D you’re missing out majorly. He’s always on the move and he’s always on the grind. He puts his all into everything from performing to recording and even hustling his merch and this is why Black Migo D made Artist of the month.


Ace Picasso: September Artist of the Month

If you follow Ace Picasso on Social Media you can’t deny that the last year he’s definitely been making power moves. Whether solo, with Star High Gang or YNOB this young artist has been making his mark on the Memphis Music Scene.


 Poiizzon IV: October Artist of the Month

Many haven’t witnessed this queen in action but she’s definitely on her way and making waves. This is why we chose Poiizzon IV as Artist of the Month. In just a short time she has made her presence in the Memphop scene. Recently headlined DOA, Local Legends and not to mention she was a 7x 106&Park freestyle Friday Champ! There’s plenty of reasons to know her so get familiar.


Sexi Killa: November Artist of the Month

Sexi Killa is a Memphis Artist who is not unfamiliar to the struggle. Many Artist have a team and strong support system. This artist works hard to make a name for herself in this Memphis Music Scene and beyond. Sister of legend Lexx Luthor she’s definitely going places. Sexi Killa fell in love with music at an early age and has went on to work with many legends in the scene as well. Lookout for this artist.



Fayro & Mike Hicks: December Artist of the Month 

They’ve already been deemed the modern day Outkast with the uplifting smooth flows from Fayro and the angelic yet powerful voice from Mike Hicks. They spent the summer of 2019 traveling and performing side by side and now are building a new wave of music together. Fayro & Mike Hicks are two Memphis artists from very different backgrounds who came together with a sound that is like no other. The duo met at Dreamfest 2019 and decided to perform a song together on the legendary stage. Not long after, they were collaborating  and now they are soon to be release their first album together titled Frequency 432 releasing in 2020 produced by Cymphani Cyrine and Fayro.

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