Artist of the Month: FAYRO


Being an Up and Coming Artist is not an easy job. From recording, performing, video shoots, photo shoots, interviews and keeping your image fresh, it’s a task all in its own; but there are a few Artist who just seem to make it look easy. For April Artist of the Month we recognize an Artist who is not a stranger to Memphis or our Platform. This year has been an eventful year for artist Fayro and it’s only March!

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He’s being called THE HOTTEST RAPPER IN MEMPHIS! Fayro, a native of Memphis TN who has made himself known in the city with his positive vibes and wide range of content from Hip Hop to Reggae and even some Rock and Pop. Fayro started the year by releasing the video Made Up My Mind with Mike Hicks and then went on to release a remix to Lil Wayne’s “She Will”,followed by his latest solo video “Weight On It”  produced by Cymphani Cyrine which has taken the internet by storm being featured on multiple media outlets.

Already FAYRO has performed in Atlanta this year where he won the Next to Rise artist showcase and headlined Melting of the Minds showcase in IL.  While FAYRO is a solo artist you can also catch him vibing from time to time with Life, Explicit a funk band also from Memphis. Recently Life, Explicit released their Jam In The Van episode which also features Fayro.


This year has been a festive year for the artist and it’s not over soon at all. The artist recently announced his interview with Fleet DJs and will be releasing Weight On It to all Platforms 04/20. Also be sure to checkout his Reggae album Year 420 that is sure to catch a vibe all April!

To keep up with Fayro click the links below






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