J Kristyle Management

Indy Artist Connect is your source for connecting Independent Artists, Brands and Opportunities together. The goal is to bring businesses together to bring independent artists to the front lines. Knowing not all artists have a huge budget for promotion on a local scale, IAC Platform has been the merger for all types of opportunities including Promotion, Branding and more. Today we introduce a Memphis Name who holds much weight in the community and the name behind some very talented Artists. We introduce you to James Everett aka J Kristyle.

James Everett AKA J Kristyle is the founder and operator of J Kristyle Management; which currently represents Motivational Hip Hop Artist Money Matt: Mo Money & Nitti Blanco .  The company is also home two models K.C_girl & Candi Clymaxx. , J Kristyle has become a prominent name in the Memphis Music scene. Though he’s a manager he also is fluent in assisting upcoming acts with promotional and marketing campaigns as a curator for independent brands.

Now crafting the sequel, J Kristyle is an intricate part of the arrangement and production of the forthcoming project The Allstar Team Mixtape which he has assured everyone will land. Spending his days connecting his artists to opportunities to build awareness of his brand and development as well, J Kristyle is in constant communication with popular DJs, promoters, tastemakers and other executives alike.  Support Mo Money, Money Matt, Nitti Blanco, K.C_Girl, Candi Clymaxx and J Kristyle Management as a whole.




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