Memphis Artist ArchAngel is no stranger to the Platform and #IACPlatform is very excited to be able to share his latest release with you VI currently streaming on all Music Platforms.

VI by ArchAngel is a soulful taste of home for all Memphians. Many have tried to cultivate a lasting theme song for the city but ArchAngel succeeded. Produced by Datboysin & Bugg(Spek) the Memphis sound of this track compliments the culture and the city taking you back to the classic Hip Hop Memphis sound.

Archangel from Memphis has again touched our souls with another Classic. Bringing unique delivery, creativity and substance to his latest release, letting us know that he can rap about anything in any form. The smooth sound offers a Southern tone that makes listeners want to kickback and reminisce about old times.  With carefully selected production, song structure its apparent that time was put into the building of the single.

What we liked most about VI was Archangels ability to tell a story creatively, relate to his audience and still draw listeners in on every track. We encourage you to press Play!

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