If you’re looking for a pick me up for your day or an apology letter to your love “Everyday Valentine” is the song for you. Released 2/12/21 this song sends a message to the soul that can’t be forgotten. You can listen to Everyday Valentine on all streaming platforms.

Everyday Valentine is a year round song. Basically stating that everyday is and should be Valentine. The song speaks of simply enjoying the presence of your lover!” -Terrance Love

About Terrance Love

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee Terrance is the oldest child and
grandchild of a musically talented family. From an early age, it was
evident he was born to be a musical icon. Terrance’s family’s musical
roots were established with their own gospel group with a band also
comprised of family members playing a wide range of instruments.
Exposure to their talents and natural ability to sing and play, Terrance’s
innate musical abilities were only heightened with his singing as early as
age 3.

Terrance trained himself vocally by studying and repeating what he heard
from artists such as Michael Jackson. This same studious attention to
detail is how he taught himself how to play drums. From age seven,
Terrance was asked to sing at various community events. It was when as
a teen he won a talent show that he decided that entertainment is his
life’s dream. From there, Terrance won numerous showcases and
auditioned for American Idol at the end of his senior year in high school.
Though he succeeded to the next round, he found they had reached their
number of contenders.

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