Najje- Black Flag

Hailing from the streets of St. Louis MO, Najje (Nah-Jah) brings us a walk through his city with new project Black Flag. Black Flag is the latest EP from Najje currently streaming on all Platforms. Get your copy Now!

Najje Washington “Najje” was born in Alaska but considers himself to be a St. Louis, Missouri native . He is a military brat who has been heavily influenced by music his entire life, from old school music, to jazz, & of course Hip Hop. Najje used to be in a group called Da R.E.B.E.L.Z. with his younger brother E-Dubb Tha Hustler before E-Dubb’s demise in 2018. They were told their style carried a style similar to groups like Crucial Conflict & Bone Thugs N Harmony before Najje began re-branding himself and started to find his own style. He always loved the way that artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole could blend the sounds of jazz & hip hop. Najje has performed at numerous local showcases with his brother in St. Louis. In addition, Najje has also performed at the 2015 SXSW Music Festival W/ Coast2Coast Platform as well as the Coors Light challenge in San Antonio, TX in 2014.

Most recently, he has performed at showcases in Atlanta such as Club Rio as well as having his music played and reviewed with Dj Hollywood ATL (A popular local Atlanta DJ) & Dj Mo Hawk of the Atlanta Hawks and Skyhawks. Najje’s sound is nostalgia with a mix of modern sound. He definitely has a Midwest sound (which is a mix of North, West, East & South sounds)  and an unparalleled distinctive flow. He recently got involved with Gumbo Radio Show to help expand his brand & further his vision as an artist. Najje has begun taking the Russ approach in 2019 & releasing a single each week on all major platforms instead of releasing mixtapes or albums.   His logic behind that method is ~ Pressure bust pipes or makes diamonds~ Najje is definitely a diamond in the rough. He figures as long as he can release good quality music with substance every week, one day the WORLD will gravitate towards it.

Black Flag features 7 tracks including

Black Flag


Bend Right

Pumpkin Head


Smoke Today


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