FAYRO – Out The Barrel

FAYR- Out the Barrel Photoshoot

This artist made the announcement for his new Mixtape “Out the Barrel” with the very controversial track “Throwing Boxes” that immediately caught attention all over. Fayro has returned with his 7th Mixtape “Out the Barrel (Reloaded) including no features and with new music appearing on the tape. Fayro is bringing in the season with a Halloween approach and we love it!

Soon to be on all music Platforms you can download and enjoy the mixtape on Fayro’s website, Spinrilla and Bandcamp. We encourage that you do! Learn more about Fayro by following @fayromusic on all social media platforms.

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Spotlight Video:Mydes-Drawing Board

Going into this year 2020 is a big one for many so Indy Artist Connect thought we would hit our viewers and followers with some motivation. This weeks Spotlight Video, the last Spotlight video of 2019 comes from a very talented Memphis Artist by the name of Mydes. Female Emcees are coming hard for the culture and many are not recognized as they should be and this is why her latest single “Drawing Board” is so perfect to end out the year and begin something fresh. We are talking about a fresh start, new intentions, starting over and building that foundation that will motivate you to follow your dreams with a clear mindset. Mydes spoke volumes in this song! If you haven’t heard it click the link below and check it out. Also make sure you follow this artist at the links below. Thank You supporters!

Mydes is  a female rapper/battle rapper from Memphis, TN. She has performed at several showcases around Memphis such as Ironmouth Battle League, Support the Dream, D.O.A. and Girl Power Project. Mydes is known for making music that is realistic talking about highs and lows of getting to know yourself and everything else around you. Her goal is to paint a picture with words, so vividly that anyone can close their eyes and see it.





Spotlight Video: Pity:Lady Bling ft. Whitney B

You don’t hear many Artists today touching on this topic. Today’s music is so much about being superficial and material objects that we forget about what’s really important. What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for? I feel Lady Bling gave us what we needed to hear with this track. Pity, touched the soul of many mothers and many who have raised children. It helped us look back on our mothers and grandmothers and those who made sure we had food in our bellies and clothes on our back. Lady Bling you hit home with this one!

Watch Pity on YouTube

Lady Bling is a Memphis Hip Hop Artist. She shines through her versatility and power performances leading the women in Memphis Hip Hop.

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Ace Picasso: Young Pablo

Young Pablo by Ace Picasso was released on 4/20 and it’s nothing short of greatness. This young Memphis Artist put together a collection of work that is easy to vibe to and turn up to. The latest tape can be found on all of your Digital Streaming sites. Don’t miss out Download or Stream today!

Twuan G: She Was Black

The latest video by Twuan G, Tyke T and Jay Daskreet has black women all over loving the theme. The song is called She Was Black and it is such a beautiful representation of Real Black Love. Over the years Black Love and love for the Black Woman in general is not celebrated as often as it should be leaving women to feel less love for themselves and more live for superficial culture and ways. But I am very proud to say that this song and video brings self love back to the surface.


SheWasBlack ft Tyrone Stroble & James Cole Produced by Kenney Coleman

Visuals by C O Golden Directed by Antwuan Williams. This is a Short Film

What I loved most about the video is every woman was represented in their own sanctuary, every woman was treated with respect and every woman was held high like a queen. This mini movie held my attention for the entire time and there was not one vulgar instance in the production.

The beat prod by Dirtyfresh is catchy and a club hit for all ages and the content brought by each artist complimented it perfectly.

The song She was Black was recently released on all Music Platforms and the 3 artist that starred in the production can also be found on these streaming sites. Twuan G, Tyke T and Jay Daskreet.

Antwan Williams you are a visionary and we need more from minds like yours!

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Virghost:Artist of the Month

Rapper, spoken word artist, and songwriter hailing from Memphis TN. 2013 K97FM (Memphis), Next Big Thing 5 Winner, 2014 Memphis Flyer Top Album, 2016 101.1 (Nashville), Shake the Gate Winner & 6x 2016 Nashville Industry Music Awards Nominee. This artist has been around and working and the music speaks for itself! Meet our February Artist of the Month Virghost.

“I’m just tryin to get rid of all this dark energy that lingers,

you ain’t gotta lift a finger,

I’ll clean the house and burn the sage” Burning the Sage  -Virghost

I love discovering New Music! Especially dope music and recently I was turned on to a Memphian that not only raps but also does spoken word and he’s a story teller. His name is Virghost. Award Winning Independent Artist.


Good Intentions: This album Good Intentions is the first release that I’ve heard from this artist and I was moved. Moved by the production, lyricism, artistry and delivery. It’s very difficult to find an artist who can hit so many angles in their music, however he succeeded.  My favorite track on the project “Burn the Sage” very relatable track since I am all about good energies and positive vibes. Good Intentions is a classic no skips needed work of art.

From the first track “The Spark” to the ending track “Never Die”; Good Intentions was a steady build up of Hip Hop. We say Hip Hop doesn’t exist in this day and age but Virghost took us back to the days when we could just press play and clean the house. I feel this Artist is going far. Unique Sound, Professional Brand and a Plan. I was very satisfied with this album. Keep Going Virghost!

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Elimence:Sleep Gallery

Sleep Gallery is the latest release from Brooklyn Native Elimence. The Project is now availabe on all Music Platforms for your enjoyment. We give this release 5 Stars as we did not skip a track while listening.

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island. Brian Anthony, creatively known as eLiMenCe, creates a unique, but familiar, rap sound that any hip hop fan would appreciate. His style is minimal and he has been known to provide the essentials – the meat and potatoes of hip hop. Though minimal, there are layers to his creativity and a good ear can catch how dense his music is.

eLiMenCe creates an atmosphere that calls for fans attention to detail. His beat production and meticulous rhyme skills showcases a level of talent that is second to none. Always a student, eLiMenCe uses his studies in English Literature to his advantage and incorporates literary elements and figurative language in his lyrics. Deeply rooted in traditional hip hop, eLiMenCe uses his MPC and old vinyl records to create his hard-hitting, lofi, boombap sound.


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Jamazing:What You Like

Jamazing hits us with another soulful hit titled What You Like. The ladies are raving over this romantic song. What You Like can be heard on all major music platforms. Click below to listen and add to your playlist.

Moe Javi: Real Rap Back

Watch the latest Music Video Real Rap Back by Moe Javi. Memphis Hip Hop Artist putting in that work! Follow @MoeJaviNation on all Social Media to keep up with this dope artist!

Kiña del Mar: Indigo Island

me 2Kiña del Mar : Indigo Island

Indigo Island is a colorful and creative collection of songs that takes you back
to some of the best eras of American music. With elements of soul, hip-hop, R&B, and pop, this is an album the entire family can enjoy. Don’t waste another moment not
listening to this work of art! (Indigo Island is available on all music streaming sites.)

About: Kiña del Mar
Both modern and timeless, the music of Kiña del Mar draws upon the diverse musical
traditions of her hometown, Memphis, TN, while enveloping a host of other
artistic influences.  Her sound has been compared to that of Prince, Sade, Michael
Jackson, and Lauryn Hill. Indeed, elements of each of these legendary artists are
present in the music of Kiña del Mar, but she never seeks to imitate.  The end result is
an ambitious array of music that establishes Kiña del Mar as a refreshing addition to the
musical landscape.

Website & Social Media:
Instagram: @kinadelmar
Twitter: @kinadelmar

FAYRO: River of Babylon


Fayro kicks off the new year with a peaceful transition in to 2019 with his first single River of Babylon. River of Babylon will feature in the upcoming reggae release Year 420. Follow @FayroMusic on all Social Media to stay updated.