They see  #NoColors. Established in Colorado Springs ColorBlind is always on the rise to new heights. From Colorado to New Mexico there is no limit to were this group can go. Their shows are equipped with lots of love and energy and their fanbase loves them. ColorBlind consists of O.E., RichardrayY and Rozin Barz 3 very talented…… Continue reading ColorBlind

Jalah Supreme

No stranger to this music game at all. Representing Bang Up ENT Jalah Supreme has won many awards recognizing his talent as an artist. He has the flow of a champ and is a genius in his work. Jalah teamed up with Syncere and together they made magic on an amazing single called “Strawberry Delight.”…… Continue reading Jalah Supreme

Jimbo McCraken

Jimbo McCracken. A loner who makes music. He started writing songs in 3rd grade. Influenced by Rick James, Prince, Funkadelic, Biggie, and many others, Jimbo McCracken is a melting pot of creativity. An artist from Atlanta that loves his Music. Jimbo contributed a heartwarming piece called “I love Muzic” to Love Canvas. We can definitely…… Continue reading Jimbo McCraken

The DeadK¡ds: Brooke Heartbreak & Micky Cohen

  The DeadK¡ds are Artists from Kansas City, Missouri currently residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With a focus in sound revolution, their main goal in their music endeavor is to stir the natural emotion of the soul, give back the energy that their supporters give to them, and to create a unique and revolutionary sound.…… Continue reading The DeadK¡ds: Brooke Heartbreak & Micky Cohen