Jimbo McCraken

IMG_20171207_174305_228Jimbo McCracken. A loner who makes music. He started writing songs in 3rd grade. Influenced by Rick James, Prince, Funkadelic, Biggie, and many others, Jimbo McCracken is a melting pot of creativity. An artist from Atlanta that loves his Music. Jimbo contributed a heartwarming piece called “I love Muzic” to Love Canvas. We can definitely hear Andre 3000’s inspiration in this beautiful song. I can’t wait to hear more from this artist. Stay tuned for his upcoming project coming in March called Material Manifestation

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The DeadK¡ds: Brooke Heartbreak & Micky Cohen


The DeadK¡ds are Artists from Kansas City, Missouri currently residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With a focus in sound revolution, their main goal in their music endeavor is to stir the natural emotion of the soul, give back the energy that their supporters give to them, and to create a unique and revolutionary sound.
These musicians are no stranger to hard work in music. If you follow their social media you will see constant workflow. Video after video, single after single, they never miss a beat. They are featured on the upcoming project “Love Canvas” by Cymphani Cyrine. Be sure to give a listen to their single SucideLove.
Facebook: Micky Cohen

Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn sounds like GOD himself when he sings! With the voice of every angel he definitely has soul and passion. I saw Harley perform over the Holiday season and was definitely moved by his performance. He has range, he has vision and he keeps the crowd in tune. Harley performed an amazing track called “Adore” on Love Canvas. Up next. Harley is working on his first EP and you can find him performing around Memphis. You definitely need to see him live.

Artist Bio: Singer, Songwriter, Artist Born and raised out of Memphis TN, Harley has been definitely making a name for himself around the Memphis music sing. A lover of Open Mics, you can definitely catch him singing around town at The Word located at Slice of Soul on Madison Avenue on Mondays. Being known for his impressive range, he takes songs to new dynamic heights as he plays between his bass and soprano octaves. Other affiliates include being an auxiliary member of Chinese Connection Dub Embassy (CCDE), E.D.II. and the Jazz Pocket, and member of Trifecta, a three part group which includes the talents of Kiña Del Mar and Azra Nawal. Follow his music page and other social media to find out where this kid will be next alongside updates on his own original  music to be released very soon.




24058775_1483420395112880_7548185025880487501_nHe has passion, He has energy and he definitely has an ear for music. Fayro not only makes Hip Hop music that often features a positive message to his listeners but he also makes Dubstep and RnB. He blessed Love Canvas with a beautiful and soulful track called “Lovers.” He also appears on a track called “Unspoken” with Lover Boi. Up next you can expect a lot from this Artist. Be on the lookout for his upcoming Mixtape ‘Just Cuz’ also featuring production by Cymphani Cyrine.
You can listen to music by FAYRO at www.arcelioproductions.com
Artist Bio:
Fayro is an American Hip Hop Artist from Memphis Tennessee. His Genre is Hip Hop with influences from Electronic, Rock and R&B Music. Along with being a Music Artist Fayro is also a former Radio Personality for MADE Sounds Media shows The Morning Coffee and Parking Lot Pimping.
In 2017 Fayro won Best Music Video for the song Roots and was nominated top 5 in several categories at the South West Indy Artist Awards.
Fayro has opened up for Artist such as Mobb Deep, Lil’Wyte, Gorilla Zoe, Baby Bash, Lil’Flip and The St. Lunatics. He also has Collaborations with Lil’Wyte of Three 6 Mafia and DJ UNK.

Lover Boi (LB)

Loverboi L.B

Loverboi L.B. ( Nigel King) born January 13, 1987 in Colorado Springs. A true Colorado native. One of the original members of the group Image and now pursuing a musical journey of his own. Loverboi L.B. brings a unique sound with a mixture of R & B and Hip- Hop. Music has always been his passion and has played a major role in his life. From doing church choir and talent shows at an early age to now headlining events. It has been an outlet for him to express his insight and allow his creativity to flow. “Music allows you to express your life experiences in a poetic manner in different ways that people can relate and vibe too”. It is the best feeling in the world. With an upcoming mixtape an album in the near future the sky’s the limit for this musical talent. LB will be featuring on the Valentine’s Day Compilation “Love Canvas” by Cymphani Cyrine. Follow him and stay connected to his journey by Following on Facebook.