Najje- Black Flag

Hailing from the streets of St. Louis MO, Najje (Nah-Jah) brings us a walk through his city with new project Black Flag. Black Flag is the latest EP from Najje currently streaming on all Platforms. Get your copy Now! Najje Washington “Najje” was born in Alaska but considers himself to be a St. Louis, Missouri…… Continue reading Najje- Black Flag

Cymphani Cyrine: Love Canvas

Cymphani Cyrine, music producer and CEO of Cymphani Music Productions to some may just be an average woman but to many she is a genius and future music mogul. Cymphani has been making music for over 10 years. When she began her journey she started off interviewing local musicians at her college and featuring them…… Continue reading Cymphani Cyrine: Love Canvas