Phokused:Artist of the Month

This up and coming Artist from Memphis is taking the city by storm. If you don’t know him you’re definitely missing out. From his Music to his entertaining facebook Lives this RBM representer is making moves this year there’s no question about it.

53169434_2042255036074862_5089852501381873664_n.jpgBorn 2/22/1990, 29 year old Pierre Cottrell aka Phokused was born and raised in Memphis, Tn. He is a proud father of 3 handsome boys as well as A dedicated independent music artist. He is also a battle rapper in a league based in Memphis, Iron Mouth Battle League. Phokused hopes to advance in every aspects of the entertainment industry and build a legacy that his children and family can be proud of. There is much more to him than what meets the eye and we can’t wait for him to show the world what he’s made of.

His latest single GOAT is quickly taking Memphis by storm. This single has it all the sound the bounce and the content to drive it to the top. Catch him performing it live March 8 at Height Lounge. 53010730_654966651584238_6490209129200615424_n.jpg

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Virghost:Artist of the Month

Rapper, spoken word artist, and songwriter hailing from Memphis TN. 2013 K97FM (Memphis), Next Big Thing 5 Winner, 2014 Memphis Flyer Top Album, 2016 101.1 (Nashville), Shake the Gate Winner & 6x 2016 Nashville Industry Music Awards Nominee. This artist has been around and working and the music speaks for itself! Meet our February Artist of the Month Virghost.

“I’m just tryin to get rid of all this dark energy that lingers,

you ain’t gotta lift a finger,

I’ll clean the house and burn the sage” Burning the Sage  -Virghost

I love discovering New Music! Especially dope music and recently I was turned on to a Memphian that not only raps but also does spoken word and he’s a story teller. His name is Virghost. Award Winning Independent Artist.


Good Intentions: This album Good Intentions is the first release that I’ve heard from this artist and I was moved. Moved by the production, lyricism, artistry and delivery. It’s very difficult to find an artist who can hit so many angles in their music, however he succeeded.  My favorite track on the project “Burn the Sage” very relatable track since I am all about good energies and positive vibes. Good Intentions is a classic no skips needed work of art.

From the first track “The Spark” to the ending track “Never Die”; Good Intentions was a steady build up of Hip Hop. We say Hip Hop doesn’t exist in this day and age but Virghost took us back to the days when we could just press play and clean the house. I feel this Artist is going far. Unique Sound, Professional Brand and a Plan. I was very satisfied with this album. Keep Going Virghost!

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Elimence:Sleep Gallery

Sleep Gallery is the latest release from Brooklyn Native Elimence. The Project is now availabe on all Music Platforms for your enjoyment. We give this release 5 Stars as we did not skip a track while listening.

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island. Brian Anthony, creatively known as eLiMenCe, creates a unique, but familiar, rap sound that any hip hop fan would appreciate. His style is minimal and he has been known to provide the essentials – the meat and potatoes of hip hop. Though minimal, there are layers to his creativity and a good ear can catch how dense his music is.

eLiMenCe creates an atmosphere that calls for fans attention to detail. His beat production and meticulous rhyme skills showcases a level of talent that is second to none. Always a student, eLiMenCe uses his studies in English Literature to his advantage and incorporates literary elements and figurative language in his lyrics. Deeply rooted in traditional hip hop, eLiMenCe uses his MPC and old vinyl records to create his hard-hitting, lofi, boombap sound.


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Jamazing:What You Like

Jamazing hits us with another soulful hit titled What You Like. The ladies are raving over this romantic song. What You Like can be heard on all major music platforms. Click below to listen and add to your playlist.

Moe Javi: Real Rap Back

Watch the latest Music Video Real Rap Back by Moe Javi. Memphis Hip Hop Artist putting in that work! Follow @MoeJaviNation on all Social Media to keep up with this dope artist!

Omega Beams by Jun10r

Omega Beams| Jun10r

by Joshua Blair42275845_894732357386848_8463096433858314240_n

You would usually spot Omega beams from DC Comic Villain, Darkseid, but in this comic book, Memphis native, Jun10r, is the villain and showing no mercy.

Applying pressure and bringing the game to its knees, Jun10r’s “Omega Beams” escorts listeners through his dark maze of middle fingers to clout, imaginary competition, and anything else that isn’t equivalent to perfection. To meet the dynamic of the lyrics, the instrumental delivers a nostalgic touch compared to trying your damnedest to beat the villain in the last level of your favorite video game. But in this game, the villain wins.

“Omega Beans” prod by Baldmane is featured on Jun10r’s five-track EP, Year of the 10, which can be streamed on SoundCloud, Spotify, & other major streaming sites.

Still unsure of who Jun10r be? Have no fear. Load up, count to 10, put your hands in the air for the villain, and pray you don’t get attacked by “Omega Beams”.


About Jun10r: Primogeniture is the state of being the firstborn child. As his name suggests, Jun10r (also known as “10” and “Cadillac Jack”) wears this title as a badge of honor. From listening to Nas’ Illmatic over video games to walking through the house singing “Smile” by Scarface and Tupac to lessons about life and being a man, Jun10r has many fond memories of the relationship between him and his father. He stands as a disruptor to the negative stereotype held by Hip Hop culture, citing his father as his first best friend. Just as the success of a man is often measured by the success of his seed, the depth of an artist is measured by the expanse of his creation. By those measures, both Jun10r and his namesake have hit the nail on the head. Although he was an original member of the local Hip Hop collective Y.R Generation, Jun10r’s journey as a musician started long before the group’s inception in 2013. Around the age of 14, he was drawn to writing. His literary skills evolved into poetry, then expanded even more into songwriting. His songs began as braggadocious tales aimed to impress by lyrical prowess, soon replaced by raw events from his life. Citing Scarface, Tech N9ne, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson as major musical influences, the singer/ rapper now conveys tales true to his form for all to hear. This is a rare mission: being true to oneself in an industry that gives accolades to those with the most grandiose presentation. In full, this mission describes Jun10r. He is true. He seeks only to be that guy painting verbal pictures of real life experiences, in hopes that others will learn what he has learned. He’s a simple man, not afraid to be introspective. Set apart by this unashamed honesty, he moves forward with an overall goal of paying it forward. He sees himself providing for those he loves, just as his father before him. However, he won’t stop there. He seeks to influence mindsets and lives, helping those beyond his circle. As it stands, the prognosis is that one day Jun10r will be that ruler of rhymes some young person in the future grooves to while playing video games, seeing their way through hardships, or just generally making their way through life.

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