Ace Picasso:Artist of the Month

If you follow Ace Picasso on Social Media you can’t deny that the last year he’s definitely been making power moves. Whether solo, with Star High Gang or YNOB this young artist has been making his mark on the Memphis Music Scene. 67874183_10206109414410852_3022750012435070976_o

At the age of 25 Ace Picasso has won awards, shot numerous videos, released albums  and has a thriving clothing line. The hustle never stops for this entrepreneur.

Ace Picasso Is A Rare Breed, The Memphis Lyricist Never Stops Working With Over 12 Projects Released (Yung Pablo, High Life, ETC). The Music Brings Something You Can Feel, Young With An Old Soul. He Began Writing At A Young Age of 12 and Hasn’t Looked Back Since. Picasso Also Engineers & Produces Most Of His Work. Picasso Is 1/3 Of Star High Gang and Half of YNOB (Young Nigga Old Bones). He’s Never Not Working, With Movies On Youtube & Music On All Digital Services (Apple, Spotify, Tidal, ETC). As In His Words “You Know This Shit A Movie”

Watch the latest video by Ace Picasso Big Bank.

Be on the lookout for projects from his group Star High Gang and a Valentines Day project next year Autotune Ace. To keep up with this Artist hit Like on his social media handles below.




Spotlight video: Archangel-Gotta Get My Shit Together

Most people that walk this earth never want to face what’s real. Most people complain about life and who did what to them. We are a people who never want to let go or take ownership. But Archangel tells the truth in his latest single Gotta Get My Sh#!t together.

This song stands out above many. The smooth rhythms of the instrumental produced by Christopher ‘Claws’ Stephens accompanied by the seductive saxophone played by Marque Boyd draws you in with little effort. Archangel delivers a touching story about day to day life and the struggles that the majority go through on a daily basis. This is hip hop at is best. But enough of what I think listen for yourself.

This single Gotta Get My Shit together can be heard on all music platforms.

Watch the video above.



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