Andre Hustle: 100 A

New Single by Andre Hustle available now on all platforms. Hard paced yet relatable lyrics fuse with melody & rhythm to present the unforgettable experience provided by Andre Hustle. An emerging Haitian American Hip Hop/ Rap artist from Fort Myers Florida! The raw grit and passion of the music only speaks more for the…… Continue reading Andre Hustle: 100 A

Spook and Poof: Lately

With the new EP out right now Losses, Gains & More”, Spook and Poof of LMG the label drop the visual to the record “Lately”. The video was shot by @reelshooters and the melodic rap theme from the dynamic duo, is one of the fan favorites from the EP and has been growing throughout the…… Continue reading Spook and Poof: Lately

Omega Beams by Jun10r

Omega Beams| Jun10r by Joshua Blair You would usually spot Omega beams from DC Comic Villain, Darkseid, but in this comic book, Memphis native, Jun10r, is the villain and showing no mercy. Applying pressure and bringing the game to its knees, Jun10r’s “Omega Beams” escorts listeners through his dark maze of middle fingers to clout,…… Continue reading Omega Beams by Jun10r

The Pollen Boyz “We Got That” “We Got That” | The Pollen Boyz By Joshua Blair If you’re from the 508 & you’re asking yourself, “who got that?”, The Pollen Boyz got an answer for you. Repping Falls River, Massachusetts, The Pollen Boyz “We Got That” invite listeners to the east coast’s greenhouse effect and hip-hop scene. Backed by heavy…… Continue reading The Pollen Boyz “We Got That”